• 展览
    from Saturday, September 14, 2019 to Saturday, November 9, 2019
    Galerie XII LA

    Galerie XII Los Angeles is pleased to announce our Fall exhibition with the US debut of Beijing-based artist Quentin Shih’s dramatic new series Familiars. As one of the leading Chinese photographers of his generation, Shih is internationally recognized for his individual artistic style utilizing vast spaces and dramatic color to create emotionally engaging narratives. The installation will feature a curated selection of large-format prints from the series accompanied by a new monograph.

    In Familiars, Quentin Shih explores the complex relationship each of us has with our memories and the need to confront impactful moments in our past, which may or may not lead to truthful representations. Moody, ethereal and sometimes abstract scenes seek to illuminate universal truths about memory through the resuscitated personal history of a highly skilled and sensitive photographic artist. “I believe that photography is not about creation—it’s a process to evoke memory; to refresh something that already exists in our minds; something that is growing weak and abstract and needs to find expression.”

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