Shel Silverstein, 1988

"The hand of an artist…or a surgeon. This was from a special set-up shoot, on ‘Things Change’, with the stars, director and whoever wanted to walk over and sit. I remembered Shel’s stories and cartoons in Playboy sating back to the 50’s. He was the epitome of ‘cool’ – Kerouac and Ginsberg and Miles Davis cool. I asked him to autograph a copy of the story ‘The Devil and Billy Markham’, that was published in Playboy. He put it in a manila folder and drew a cartoon depicting the devil with his long tail wrapped around a camera and signed it : ‘To Stephen, Good Luck! Good light! Good God! Shel Silverstein.’ Cool."
Shel Silverstein, 1988

13,0 x 18,9 英寸 / 33 x 48 厘米

15 个版本

16,9 x 21,7 英寸 / 43 x 55 厘米

8 个版本

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