Patrizia Mussa

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    Teatri - Photopastels (2000-2020)

    Mussa started working in this ongoing series dedicated to Italian theatres in 2000.
    She reinterprets theatres not as places of historical representation, but as "open, unfinished forms", architectural spaces gradually consumed and transformed by time.
    The theatre then becomes an object and an instrument, a temple, a church, a shining and golden cave which, in light and silence, promises yet more stories of emotion, splendour and clamour. And it is precisely this silence full of promise that lives in these images.

    Warless Theaters (1977 - 2019)

    Patrizia Mussa travelled throughout Yemen, Syria and Jordan as long as possible, mostly in the 1970s. The photographs presented in the exhibition were taken in Yemen in 1977.

    Her images, carefully preserved for many years and today grouped in a series entitled "Warless Theatres", have been revisited recently. She reinterprets them as unsaturated images that allow her to travel back in time. For the exhibition, she chose to print them for the first time on watercolour paper. Each print is enhanced with hand-applied pastel.

  • Biography


    Italia ,

    Patrizia Mussa completed her undergraduate studies in Philosophy at the University of Turin and attended the Anthropology and Cultural History course at the Sorbonne in Paris, where she often works up until this day. She regularly works as a photographer for prestigious architecture and interior design magazines and important international editorial groups. Those areas have become the basis for her personal photographic works.

    In the early 2000s, she began her series dedicated to Italian theatres, "The Time lapse" was first shown at the Italian Embassy in Paris. In 2006, the Paris Maison Europeenne de la Photographie gave her a personal exhibition («Etranges étrangers»), during the event «A summer in Paris» dedicated to Italian photography. In 2008, the project "Le Temple du Soleil" takes a look at the utopian architecture of the French philosopher Jean Balladur. It is exhibited in 2013 in Milan, in 2014 in Montpellier and Paris, and in 2015 in London. In 2016, the "Warless Theatres" project takes shape, focusing on the landscapes of Afghanistan, Yemen and Ethiopia. The images were taken when the sites were still accessible, then lands of culture and resources. Since then, Patrizia Mussa has reinterpreted these images differently; she retouches each print with pastel. Selected solo shows

    2016 :“Warless theatres” Palazzo Graneri della Roccia, Turin
    2015 : “Le Temple soleil” May / October - The Wilmotte Gallery at Lichfield Studios - Londres
    2014 : “Le Temple du soleil” September / December - Villa Savoye LeCorbusier - Poissy Paris
    2014 : “Le Temple du soleil” Pierres Vives - Zaha Hadid Building - Montpellier
    2013 : “Le Temple du soleil” Palazzo Morando Museo della Moda e del Design, Milan
    2011 : “Le Temple du soleil” Biblioteca Provinciale, Benevento
    2008 : Theatres, Galleria Rossella Colombari, Milan
    2007 : Teatro Italia, Galeries Printemps, Paris
    2006 : La Buona Ventura, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris
    2005 : Encore: Une Histoire de Beauté, IV International Festival, House of Photography, Moscou
    2004 : Rénovation, Transphotographique 4, Musée des Beaux Arts Lille
    2004 : Tailles Fortes, The Fifth International Photography Month, Photobienniale, Moscou

    Selected Groups Shows

    2011 : Esperienza Italia 150, Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin
    2010 : Photo Vernissage, Feeling Italia, Saint Petersbourg
    2010 : Sotheby’s Asta per Fotografi Senza Frontiere, Milan
    2009 : Oltrefamiglia - Grandi Stazioni Spa, Milano, Roma, Caracas
    2007 : Che scattoo! Fotografi a Torino, curateur Francesco Poli
    2004 : Trash: Impressioni sull’Ambiente, Porto Antico, Genova, curateur Susanna Legrenzi

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